Having A Fabulous Relationship Is
Easier Than You Think!

Time-Tested Tips That Make The Difference

You know, even very smart people make dumb mistakes in their relationships especially their most important relationships the ones they have with their life partners. 

Several years ago most of my clients were professionals of one kind or another, architects, accountants, doctors, attorneys and other very smart people. And they all had relationship problems. I found I was saying the same things to them day after day. You see, I wanted them all to feel excited, safe, loved and powerful.

Feel Excite, Safe, Loved and Powerful in Your Own Relationship

And you can feel that way in your own truly great relationship with your life partner.

Truly Great Relationships always have these ingredients. 

  • The relationships are always in a state of flux, always growing. 

  • Both partners are fully themselves: they live their own values.

  • Each partner cares deeply about the growth, development and well-being of the other, and is equally committed to his or her own development.

  • Both partners take full responsibility for communicating their own needs to each other. 

  • Both partners willingly negotiate so that resources can be used in mutually supportive ways

I Had A Dream...

Then, one strange morning I think my unconscious mind took over. Do you believe in the power of your unconscious mind or your higher power or maybe in channeled writings from some source outside yourself?

While I'm not sure exactly how it happened but this is the story. One night I dreamed this booklet.

I woke up with most of the pieces of this booklet in my head, and I couldn't get it written down fast enough. I sat on the couch with my computer in my lap for several hours actually until my butt was so paralyzed I had to get up and move. 

What My Dream Means For Your Happiness

All of the things I'd been saying to these very smart people about their relationships came out of my heart, through my fingers and onto the computer screen. It was as if I were saying, "Don't you get it it's not really very hard. All you have to do is this simple stuff and your relationship will work.

The next day I added even mores tips. Then I looked to see what I had done or what somebody had done it didn't seem like me who did the writing. I was amazed by what I saw.

I confess, somewhere there is a little sassy part of me that I'd been sitting on. I think she took over and actually did the writing.

But I wasnt quite sure it was OK for me to share such blunt advice the way I really wanted to say it, so I sent out a call for help. Much to my amazement about 50 people some of them very smart people my clients, therapists I knew, a couple of professors, and other writers offered to help me refine my work. And they did.

Three months later the first thousand copies of 124 Tips for Having a Great Relationship were piled in a corner of my basement.. I was off and running, but I had no idea where I was going.

Why are there 124 tips? The truth is I just counted them when I was done and thats how many there were. The funny thing is that I actually miscounted and there are really 125 tips in the booklet. I dare you to find the extra one.

Now, being an author was not new to me. I already had written four books. In fact I had planned to write something else the amazing morning this booklet appeared. It was going to be a booklet to promote one of my other books a book on business relationships. I still haven't written that booklet but maybe someday I will.

In any case, people loved this booklet. They kept asking me to do different things with the material. It became:

  • an e-book

  • a series of tips mailed out weekly with assignments about how to carry them out

  • blog and website posts in various places

  • additional articles

  • an expanded e-book. 

All of those forms are useful and interesting, but this original booklet, 124 Tips for Having a Great Relationship is the source of everything else

It's A Wonderful Way To Start Strengthening Your Relationship 
With Your Life Partner Right Now.

Here's why.

When you struggle with your life partner, that pain usually boils down to one of two things. You fear losing yourself in the relationship or you fear losing your relationship by being yourself. 

Most of us dont have any experience of what it looks like to be whole, complete and powerful within an intimate relationship in which your partner is also whole, complete and powerful: a relationship in which you are both fully present. 

Great Relationships Make You Both Feel Powerful. 

In a Great Relationships, partners: 

  • discuss values

  • solve problems

  • play together

  • feel free to give and receive nurturing

  • mutually support each other

  • give and receive help

  • connect to and enhance their own power instead of draining it away by trying to please each other.

In a truly Great Relationship you and your partner empower each other and the relationship becomes powerful, exciting, playful, nurturing and creative. 

In 124 Tips for Having a Great Relationship, I show you how to develop each of the ingredients that create Great Relationships. And its much easier than you think!

These tips will help you and your partner empower each other to have a relationship that delights you both, and that others will envy and want to copy. 

Secrets of creating lifelong loving relationships

In 124 Tips for Having a Great Relationship, you'll find out how simple it really is to create the kind of relationship that really delights both of you.

And it's not what you see on TV and in the movies. The secret to having a successful relationship is loving and respecting yourself and each other and showing it through your actions (what you do not just what you say)

What You Should Know About Relationships But Probably Don't

  • 9 little-known secrets that have been keeping my love alive for 48 years and that have helped thousands of my clients and students.

  • 14 crucial ways to keep your communication flowing smoothly because if your communication fails, your relationship fails

  • 12 different techniques for getting difficult communication back on track.

  • 7 delightful ways to have fun with each other.

  • 8 ways to get those darn tasks done even when you're both busy and neither of you wants to do them.

  • 11 crucial ways to stay apart so that you can stay together -- because two can't really become one; your relationship needs boundaries.

  • 12 amazingly simple techniques for dealing with money that far too many couples ignore.

  • 9 ways you can support your partner without demeaning yourself on special occasions.

  • 5 critical things you need to do when your apart that can keep you together.

  • 12 simple things that take very little time and effort to create the togetherness you really long for.

  • 17 amazing secrets for taking Care of Your Partner that will show your love and bring it back to you multiplied.

  • 7 great self-care tips that are crucial for keeping your love alive -- so you can stop blaming your partner for the crimes you committed against yourself.

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2) A downloadable recording of a 60-minute talk, Little-Known Secrets of Relationship Development, my husband and I gave to a group of lay marriage counselors in a church.

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